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READ ME: This is still a prototype! So far, you can only choose the male character. Furthermore, you can only play the diamond mini game, but it is possible to talk with the citizens. The best resolution is 1280 x 720 for Windows.

Oh no! Some people in skatteby are not paying all their taxes! Luckily we have skattehelten to fix that problem!
Help skattehelten with collecting taxes from the citizens who are not aware of the tax rules. When collecting the tax money you and skattehelten will be able to upgrade some of the places in the town.
Will the school children get new books and will the firefighters be able to put out the fire? Try the amazing tax adventure along side with skattehelten!

Skattehelten is a point-and-click adventure game made for schools to help children understand the danish tax system. In different minigames the player has to solve the citizens problems. The game has a cartoony kids friendly look and focuses on a simple design without a lot of animations.

This game was made in the PETSKATJAM 2016 at IT University.
Made by Álvaro Lucas Camacho, Sarah Zimmerfahl Josefsen, Felipe Fragoso, Martin Eberhardt, Maria Venborg & Tobias Jørgensen


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